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Since 1969, the American Journal of Nursing (AJN) has published an annual list of the best in nursing publishing.  Listed in the January issue of the journal, the AJN Book of the Year program is a prestigious competition that garners the attention of its readers (nurses in clinical settings, faculty and researchers) as well as librarians in hospitals and universities. Increasingly, books about health or health care that are authored by non-nurses are submitted for consideration. Many readers, faculty, and libraries make book purchasing decisions based upon this award program.  

We've invited experts to serve as judges in 20 categories. They review all submissions for their categories, select up to three winners, and write reviews of these.

Authors also receive award certificates, and reference to the award may be used in promotional materials by publishers. The list of winners will appear in AJN's January 2023 issue.

Click here for a list of last year’s winners.

Submission Instructions

Contact Wilma James ([email protected]) for the list of judges’ addresses. In the same package include a cover letter to the judge that includes a list of the books they should be receiving. 

Please request the application for submission and email the application form and the List of Entries to [email protected]

For payment instructions contact [email protected] 

Wilma James
American Journal of Nursing
Wolters Kluwer Health
28 Liberty Street
New York, 
NY 10005

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​​List of Entries

Please email a list of entries (in Word or Excel format) to [email protected] with the following information for each book or electronic product submitted:

  1. Title as it should appear in publication.
  2. Authors/editors names as they should appear in publication. (please note whether they are authors or editors)
  3. Publisher name as it should appear in publication.
  4. Publish date of the book or electronic product.
  5. Category or categories the book or electronic product is being submitted to.


Electronic/Online Submissions


For electronic/online submissions, email the product, or a link to access the product, and List of Entries to [email protected]. 



Click here for the list of categories. Each entry can be submitted to a maximum of two categories. 



All entries must be postmarked no later than Friday, August 19, 2022. No exceptions.


Entry Fee

Each entry can be submitted to a maximum of two categories. 

Entrants pay $40 per submission, or, if submitting five or more entries, $30 per submission.
If submitting a book or electronic product to more than one category, entrants must pay a submission fee for each category to which the product is submitted. Checks or money orders only.



The judges consider only books and electronic products published between August 1, 2021, and August 1, 2022. Books published outside of that time frame are ineligible.

Please contact Wilma James for additional questions at
[email protected].