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AJN, American Journal of Nursing: October 1947
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Are you withholding valuable information? If you are, the Journal invites you to “come across” and share it with your fellow nurses in the pages of the Trading Post. Short, concise descriptions of devices, routines, or procedures which have added to the patient's comfort, saved time or effort, or promoted co-operation and good will are just what the editors are looking for. The orthopedic pajama and the ice cart described on this page are but two examples of what we have in mind. We are sure that spice and variety will be added when nurses from coast to coast take pen in hand to let us know how they have solved their problems—and what problems they have solved.

Descriptions and explanations should be made as simple as possible. Photographs or drawings are helpful but not essential if the description is clear. Illustrative material should be submitted as glossy prints of photographs or India in drawings. In case similar items are submitted, the editor s choice will be based on the clarity and helpfulness of the presentation. If hospital or agency approval is required, it should be obtained before the manuscript is submitted. No manuscripts, photographs, or drawings will be returned unless a self-addressed stamped envelope is included. If we can use your contribution, you will be paid two dollars or more at the time of publication. Address your manuscripts to the American Journal of Nursing, 1790 Broadway, New York 19, New York.

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