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Leaving the World Health Organization

 Shawn P.

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AJN, American Journal of Nursing: September 2020 - Volume 120 - Issue 9 - p 13
doi: 10.1097/01.NAJ.0000697552.81626.fc
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I love the photo of the nurse midwife on the July cover because it reminds me of one of the biggest strengths of nursing: collaboration. Midwives develop meaningful relationships with their clients because they enter into a collaborative relationship with them. Likewise, nurses often play a pivotal role in bringing other health care professionals together for the betterment of patients. As nurses well know, utilizing a collaborative approach is not necessarily the easiest or quickest way to accomplish a task, but the outcomes for the patient are often better because (as the saying goes) two heads are better than one.

Pulling the United States out of the World Health Organization (WHO) is accomplishing just the opposite: favoring a competitive approach for perceived individual gain when it is clear that the world is interconnected (“Leaving WHO? Now?” We can and should learn from one another and share our understandings—not doing so is risking disconnection and therefore disharmony, which will ultimately negatively affect health outcomes for all Americans.

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