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NewsCAP: Dire news about diabetes trends

AJN, American Journal of Nursing: February 2016 - Volume 116 - Issue 2 - p 17
doi: 10.1097/01.NAJ.0000480485.29299.8c
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Dire news about diabetes trends. The United States spends $320 billion on diabetes care, about six times more than China, which ranks second in expenditures. Worldwide, according to the latest report from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), countries spend 5% to 20% of their total health care budgets on diabetes, and a 19% increase is expected by 2040. High blood glucose occurs in 21 million births, and more than 500,000 children worldwide have type-1 diabetes, with the United States topping the list at 84,000. Globally, 415 million adults have diabetes, and 318 million have impaired glucose tolerance, yet an estimated 193 million cases remain undiagnosed. Early diagnosis, more education, and lifestyle changes could prevent or delay the onset of diabetes and its sequelae. Read the IDF Diabetes Atlas 2015 at

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