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AJN, American Journal of Nursing: June 2013 - Volume 113 - Issue 6 - p 20
doi: 10.1097/01.NAJ.0000431261.78332.6b
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  • “Good Medicine,” by Marcy Phipps, RN, describes how music was the best medicine for one patient recovering from a traumatic brain injury (
  • In “The Hands of Strangers,” AJN clinical managing editor Karen Roush reflects on the Boston Marathon bombing (
  • When should crucial conversations about death be had with critically ill patients? Oncology nurse Julianna Paradisi discusses her ideas on end-of-life education in “Birdcages: An Oncology Nurse on Crucial Information Patients Need About Dying” (
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“My hospital has just created an order set called ‘Integrative Therapy.' It includes choices like aromatherapy, massage, and Reiki. I am amazed!” “I can only imagine what it might be like, confined to an ICU bed, unable to control the sounds assaulting your ears.” “I have seen much death and dying over my 30 plus years as a nurse and personally as a health care proxy. There is no tidy solution and I have yet to see a scenario that played out as I would have imagined.” “I still think quality care goes back to being able to have reasonable debates across disciplines instead of shooting orders and lists at each other.”

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  • Monthly highlights: Listen to AJN editors discuss the contents of the June issue.
  • Behind the article: Editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy speaks with
  • the authors of “Assessing Sleep in Adolescents Through a Better Understanding of Sleep Physiology.”
  • the authors of “Fracking, the Environment, and Health.”
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