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AJN The American Journal of Nursing: November 2011 - Volume 111 - Issue 11 - p 22
doi: 10.1097/01.NAJ.0000407285.94383.05
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  • Where does being a mother end and a nurse begin? Read "Blind Spot—At the Intersection of Mother and Nurse" by Marcy Phipps ( for an interesting take on the topic.
  • Stay abreast on politics that affect nursing, with "Federal Budget Battles Begin—Health Professions Education at Stake," by editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy (
  • Nurses are taking to the picket lines again. To find out why, read "Bad Economy Breeds a New Era of Discontent Among Nurses," by editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy (
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"Unsafe staffing by hospitals has reduced the role of a professional nurse to that of a task-oriented, time management nightmare." "We must act to reduce the vulnerability of communities to future climate-related disasters through sustainable health development programs." "I would never want my profession confused with the job of a physician; let them keep the doctor title, I'll keep the respect and trust my patients have in me because I am their Nurse."

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  • Monthly highlights: Listen to AJN editors discuss the contents of the November issue.
  • Behind the article: Editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy speaks with April A. Gerlock, coauthor of "Documentation of Screening for Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence in Male Veterans with PTSD" and the companion piece, "Ask a Few More Questions," and Cynthia J. Nigolian, coauthor of part two of our three-part series on supporting family caregivers.
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