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Cogburn, Cal

AJN The American Journal of Nursing: August 1999 - Volume 99 - Issue 8 - p 14

Columbus, OH

In her last paragraph, Dolores Krieger calls for nurses to "press for unbiased examination of any new modality." Yet within the article, she repeatedly uses words and phrases that indicate her bias.

She notes that TT "has been the target of strongly reactionary forces whose viewpoints are embedded in materialistic and reductionistic forces." She then says that an article appearing in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) was inspired by a girl who performed the study "after hearing her parents decry nontraditional healing methods." Next, she writes, "In facing up to JAMA's attack, these nurses were able to positively meet the frankly hostile, lockstep reactions of the media."

Dr. Krieger's call for nurses to "objectively scrutinize various healing modes to assess how they fit into their practice" is a point well made, but given the nature of her column, I'm not convinced she believes that statement.

Cal Cogburn

Columbus, OH

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