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Hunter, Ed RN

American Journal of Nursing: September 1997 - Volume 97 - Issue 9 - p 16

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As an orthopedic nurse on an acute care unit at a level 3 trauma center, I've seen the damage caused by gunshot wounds. And before I was a nurse, I was a police officer. I have spent long nights in inner-city neighborhoods and know what a crime victim looks like. I can't advocate the removal of guns or deny the right of innocent individuals to protect themselves.

The key to safe storage and handling of firearms is education. It's unfortunate Dr. Hatcher suggests home health nurses place themselves in the position to teach firearm safety. Nothing in my education as an RN prepared me to teach patients the safe use and storage of firearms.

While I don't mind accepting teaching material based on good science and sound nursing research-even if it conflicts with my opinion-I question the suggestion that nurses rely on the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence as a source of educational material. This organization has been shown to use voodoo social science and outright falsehood to advance their political agenda.

Ed Hunter, RN

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