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Paper Cranes for Peace and Healing

Nigliazzo, Stacy R. BS, RN, CEN

AJN The American Journal of Nursing: December 2017 - Volume 117 - Issue 12 - p 48
doi: 10.1097/01.NAJ.0000527484.55997.c4
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Stacy R. Nigliazzo is an ED nurse and a poet. Her work has been featured in JAMA and the Bellevue Literary Review, as well as in AJN (October 2009, February 2011, December 2012). In 2017, a poem she was writing about “delivering terrible news about a loved one in cramped, impersonal settings” inspired her to launch an art project in her ED. She convinced 52 nurses, providers, paramedics, pharmacists, and clerks at Houston's Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital to fold more than 300 origami cranes to decorate the family waiting room. She also placed a basket of gift cranes in the room for patients and family members to take home. A sign by the basket explains that “in Japanese culture the crane is known as the ‘bird of happiness,’ representing good fortune and longevity,” and invites people to take a crane in “the spirit of community, peace, and recovery.” “Paper Cranes for Peace and Healing” © 2017 by Stacy R. Nigliazzo. Contact author:

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