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AJN, American Journal of Nursing: December 1938

To nurses everywhere we send, at this Christmastide, greetings of good will! With nurses in our home land we share the aspiation of Governor Cross's Thanks-giving prodclamation to the people of Connecticut: “It is right that we whose are of sky has been darkened by no war hawk, who have been forced by no man to stand and speak when to speak was to choose between death and life, should give thanks also for the further mercies we have enjoyed, beyond desert or any estimation, of justice, freedom, loving-kindness, peace—resolving, as we prize them, to let no occasion go without some prompting or some effort worthy in a way, however humble, of those proudest among men's ideals, which burn, through it may be like candles fitfully in our gusty world, with a light so clear we name its source divine.”

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