​​​​Call for Papers

American Journal of Medical Quality is seeking papers describing all aspects of work concerning improving the quality and safety of medical care, such as:

  • improvement projects, especially those with broader lessons for all practitioners
  • practical training programs, their evaluation, and ways to advance the curriculum for quality
  • research and field applications of quality improvement initiatives
  • policy issues, such as the national need to improve measures of quality

The Journal will consider original research, review articles, and perspectives. Potential topics include:

  • complexity science
  • efficient and timely care
  • equitable care
  • high reliability organizations
  • human factors engineering in health care
  • leadership and quality
  • methodologies and new models
  • quality measurement
  • standardizing health care quality curricula
  • value-based quality improvement
  • waste and error


Manuscripts may be submitted at any time for peer review consideration.

Please read over the AJMQ Information for Authors before submitting your manuscript. Submitted manuscripts that are not formatted in accordance with our instructions and guidelines are more likely to be rejected without peer-review. Authors are encouraged to follow the Plan-Do-Study-Act model
and SQUIRE guidelines where applicable.

Submit your manuscript to the Journal's online peer review system: https://www.editorialmanager.com/ajmq/

About the Journal

The American Journal of Medical Quality is focused on keeping readers informed of the resources, processes, and perspectives contributing to quality health care services. This peer-reviewed journal presents a forum for the exchange of ideas, strategies, and methods in improving the delivery and management of health care. Visit the Journal's website to learn more.