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Vedolizumab for Ulcerative Colitis

Treatment Outcomes from the VICTORY Consortium

Narula, Neeraj, MD, MPH; Peerani, Farhad, MD; Meserve, Joseph, MD; Kochhar, Gursimran, MD; Chaudrey, Khadija, MD; Hartke, Justin, MD; Chilukuri, Prianka, MD; Koliani-Pace, Jenna, MD; Winters, Adam, MD; Katta, Leah, MD; Shmidt, Eugenia, MD; Hirten, Robert, MD; Faleck, David, MD; Parikh, Malav P., MD; Whitehead, Diana, MD; Boland, Brigid S., MD; Singh, Siddharth, MD, MS; Sagi, Sashidhar Varma, MD; Fischer, Monika, MD; Chang, Shannon, MD; Barocas, Morris, MD; Luo, Michelle, MS, PhD; Lasch, Karen, MD; Bohm, Matthew, MD; Lukin, Dana, MD; Sultan, Keith, MD; Swaminath, Arun, MD; Hudesman, David, MD; Gupta, Nitin, MD; Shen, Bo, MD; Kane, Sunanda, MD; Loftus, Edward V., MD; Siegel, Corey A., MD; Sands, Bruce E., MD; Colombel, Jean-Frederic, MD; Sandborn, William J., MD; Dulai, Parambir S., MD

American Journal of Gastroenterology: April 2019 - Volume 114 - Issue 4 - p 696
doi: 10.1038/s41395-018-0401-4

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