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March 1, 2019 - Volume 33 - Issue 3
pp: N1-N4,363-596

Eliminating perinatal HIV in the United States: mission possible?

Gnanashanmugam, Devasena; Rakhmanina, Natella; Crawford, Keith W.; More

AIDS. 33(3):377-385, March 1, 2019.

In-vitro viral suppressive capacity correlates with immune checkpoint marker expression on peripheral CD8+ T cells in treated HIV-positive patients

Pannus, Pieter; Adams, Philipp; Willems, Elisabeth; More

AIDS. 33(3):387-398, March 1, 2019.

HIV controllers suppress viral replication and evolution and prevent disease progression following intersubtype HIV-1 superinfection

de Azevedo, Suwellen S.D.; Delatorre, Edson; Côrtes, Fernanda H.; More

AIDS. 33(3):399-410, March 1, 2019.

A high mucosal blocking score is associated with HIV protection

Girard, Alexandre; Rallón, Norma; Benito, José M.; More

AIDS. 33(3):411-423, March 1, 2019.


Hepatitis B virus coinfection is associated with high early mortality in HIV-infected Tanzanians on antiretroviral therapy

Christian, Beatrice; Fabian, Emanuel; Macha, Irene; More

AIDS. 33(3):465-473, March 1, 2019.

Cerebrospinal fluid viral escape in aviremic HIV-infected patients receiving antiretroviral therapy: prevalence, risk factors and neurocognitive effects

Pérez-Valero, Ignacio; Ellis, Ronald; Heaton, Robert; More

AIDS. 33(3):475-481, March 1, 2019.

Randomized clinical trial on efficacy of fixed-dose efavirenz/tenofovir/emtricitabine on alternate days versus continuous treatment

Bellagamba, Rita; Giancola, Maria Letizia; Tommasi, Chiara; More

AIDS. 33(3):493-502, March 1, 2019.


Sialic acid levels in breast milk from HIV-positive Tanzanian women and impact of maternal diet

Connor, Ruth I.; Zain-ul-Abideen, Muhammad; Magohe, Albert K.; More

AIDS. 33(3):509-514, March 1, 2019.

GlycA, a novel inflammatory marker, is associated with subclinical coronary disease

Tibuakuu, Martin; Fashanu, Oluwaseun E.; Zhao, Di; More

AIDS. 33(3):547-557, March 1, 2019.

Longitudinal association between internalized HIV stigma and antiretroviral therapy adherence for women living with HIV: the mediating role of depression

Turan, Bulent; Rice, Whitney S.; Crockett, Kaylee B.; More

AIDS. 33(3):571-576, March 1, 2019.