September 24th, 2010 - Volume 24 - Issue 15
pp: 2301-2421

CXCR4-using viruses in plasma and peripheral blood mononuclear cells during primary HIV-1 infection and impact on disease progression

Raymond, Stéphanie; Delobel, Pierre; Mavigner, Maud; More

AIDS. 24(15):2305-2312, September 24th, 2010.

Concise Communication

Distinct differentiation profiles of HIV-Gag and Nef-specific central memory CD8+ T cells associated with HLA-B57/5801 and virus control

Xie, Jing; Lu, Wei; Samri, Assia; More

AIDS. 24(15):2323-2329, September 24th, 2010.

A double-blind, randomized controlled trial of the use of imiquimod cream for the treatment of anal canal high-grade anal intraepithelial neoplasia in HIV-positive MSM on HAART,...

Fox, Paul A; Nathan, Mayura; Francis, Nicholas; More

AIDS. 24(15):2331-2335, September 24th, 2010.

Randomized controlled study demonstrating failure of LPV/r monotherapy in HIV: the role of compartment and CD4-nadir

Gutmann, Christine; Cusini, Alexia; Günthard, Huldrych F; More

AIDS. 24(15):2347-2354, September 24th, 2010.

Episomal and integrated human papillomavirus type 16 loads and anal intraepithelial neoplasia in HIV-seropositive men

Alvarez, Jennifer; Pokomandy, Alexandra DE; Rouleau, Danielle; More

AIDS. 24(15):2355-2363, September 24th, 2010.

Efficacy of darunavir/ritonavir maintenance monotherapy in patients with HIV-1 viral suppression: a randomized open-label, noninferiority trial, MONOI-ANRS 136

Katlama, Christine; Valantin, Marc A; Algarte-Genin, Michele; More

AIDS. 24(15):2365-2374, September 24th, 2010.

Concise Communication

Time course of total HIV-1 DNA and 2-long-terminal repeat circles in patients with controlled plasma viremia switching to a raltegravir-containing regimen

Delaugerre, Constance; Charreau, Isabelle; Braun, Josephine; More

AIDS. 24(15):2391-2395, September 24th, 2010.


HIV-1 Gag evolution in recently infected human leukocyte antigen-B*57 patients with low-level viremia

Durand, Christine M; O'Connell, Karen A; Apuzzo, Linda G; More

AIDS. 24(15):2405-2408, September 24th, 2010.

Detrimental clinical interaction between ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitors and vinblastine in HIV-infected patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma

Cingolani, Antonella; Torti, Lorenza; Pinnetti, Carmela; More

AIDS. 24(15):2408-2412, September 24th, 2010.

HIV genetic diversity between plasma and cerebrospinal fluid in patients with HIV encephalitis

Soulié, Cathia; Fourati, Slim; Lambert-Niclot, Sidonie; More

AIDS. 24(15):2412-2414, September 24th, 2010.

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