August 24th, 2009 - Volume 23 - Issue 13
pp: 1617-1796

Prevalence of unprotected anal intercourse among HIV-diagnosed MSM in the United States: a meta-analysis

Crepaz, Nicole; Marks, Gary; Liau, Adrian; More

AIDS. 23(13):1617-1629, August 24th, 2009.

Genetic determinants in HIV-1 Gag and Env V3 are related to viral response to combination antiretroviral therapy with a protease inhibitor

Ho, Sarah K; Perez, Elena E; Rose, Stephanie L; More

AIDS. 23(13):1631-1640, August 24th, 2009.

Antiretroviral therapy initiation during primary HIV infection enhances both CD127 expression and the proliferative capacity of HIV-specific CD8+ T cells

Lécuroux, Camille; Girault, Isabelle; Boutboul, François; More

AIDS. 23(13):1649-1658, August 24th, 2009.

Elevated elafin/trappin-2 in the female genital tract is associated with protection against HIV acquisition

Iqbal, Shehzad M; Ball, Terry B; Levinson, Pauline; More

AIDS. 23(13):1669-1677, August 24th, 2009.

Once-daily darunavir/ritonavir vs. lopinavir/ritonavir in treatment-naive, HIV-1-infected patients: 96-week analysis

Mills, Anthony M; Nelson, Mark; Jayaweera, Dushyantha; More

AIDS. 23(13):1679-1688, August 24th, 2009.

Risk factors for treatment-limiting toxicities in patients starting nevirapine-containing antiretroviral therapy

Kesselring, Anouk M; Wit, Ferdinand W; Sabin, Caroline A; More

AIDS. 23(13):1689-1699, August 24th, 2009.

Combination HBV therapy is linked to greater HBV DNA suppression in a cohort of lamivudine-experienced HIV/HBV coinfected individuals

Matthews, Gail V; Seaberg, Eric; Dore, Gregory J; More

AIDS. 23(13):1707-1715, August 24th, 2009.

Non-AIDS-defining deaths and immunodeficiency in the era of combination antiretroviral therapy

Marin, Benoît; Thiébaut, Rodolphe; Bucher, Heiner C; More

AIDS. 23(13):1743-1753, August 24th, 2009.

Correlates of HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and associated high-risk behaviors among male clients of female sex workers in Tijuana, Mexico

Patterson, Thomas L; Goldenberg, Shira; Gallardo, Manuel; More

AIDS. 23(13):1765-1771, August 24th, 2009.

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