December 2008 - Volume 22 - Suppl 5
pp: S1-S181

Evaluation design for large-scale HIV prevention programmes: the case of Avahan, the India AIDS initiative

Chandrasekaran, Padma; Dallabetta, Gina; Loo, Virginia; More

AIDS. 22:S1-S15, December 2008.

Baseline integrated behavioural and biological assessment among most at-risk populations in six high-prevalence states of India: design and implementation challenges

Saidel, Tobi; Adhikary, Rajatashuvra; Mainkar, Mandar; More

AIDS. 22:S17-S34, December 2008.

Determinants of HIV prevalence among female sex workers in four south Indian states: analysis of cross-sectional surveys in twenty-three districts

Ramesh, Banadakoppa M; Moses, Stephen; Washington, Reynold; More

AIDS. 22:S35-S44, December 2008.

Sexual practices, HIV and sexually transmitted infections among self-identified men who have sex with men in four high HIV prevalence states of India

Brahmam, Ginnela NV; Kodavalla, Venkaiah; Rajkumar, Hemalatha; More

AIDS. 22:S45-S57, December 2008.

Injecting and sexual risk behaviours, sexually transmitted infections and HIV prevalence in injecting drug users in three states in India

Mahanta, Jagadish; Medhi, Gajendra Kumar; Paranjape, Ramesh S; More

AIDS. 22:S59-S68, December 2008.

HIV, sexually transmitted infections and sexual behaviour of male clients of female sex workers in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, India: results of a cross-sectional survey

Subramanian, Thilakavathi; Gupte, Mohan D; Paranjape, Ramesh S; More

AIDS. 22:S69-S79, December 2008.

Risk behaviour, sexually transmitted infections and HIV among long-distance truck drivers: a cross-sectional survey along national highways in India

Pandey, Arvind; Benara, Sudhir Kumar; Roy, Nandini; More

AIDS. 22:S81-S90, December 2008.

Declines in risk behaviour and sexually transmitted infection prevalence following a community-led HIV preventive intervention among female sex workers in Mysore, India

Reza-Paul, Sushena; Beattie, Tara; Syed, Hafeez Ur Rahman; More

AIDS. 22:S91-S100, December 2008.

Impact of an intensive HIV prevention programme for female sex workers on HIV prevalence among antenatal clinic attenders in Karnataka state, south India: an ecological analysis

Moses, Stephen; Ramesh, Banadakoppa M; Nagelkerke, Nico JD; More

AIDS. 22:S101-S108, December 2008.

Prevalence and determinants of HIV and sexually transmitted infections in a general population-based sample in Mysore district, Karnataka state, southern India

Munro, Helen L; Pradeep, Banandur S; Jayachandran, A Ayyanat; More

AIDS. 22:S117-S125, December 2008.

HIV risk behaviours among contracted and non-contracted male migrant workers in India: potential role of labour contractors and contractual systems in HIV prevention

Saggurti, Niranjan; Verma, Ravi K; Jain, Anrudh; More

AIDS. 22:S127-S136, December 2008.

Appropriateness and execution challenges of three formal size estimation methods for high-risk populations in India

Vadivoo, Selvaraj; Gupte, Mohan D; Adhikary, Rajatashuvra; More

AIDS. 22:S137-S148, December 2008.

Using mathematical modelling to investigate the plausibility of attributing observed antenatal clinic declines to a female sex worker intervention in Karnataka state, India

Boily, Marie-Claude; Pickles, Michael; Vickerman, Peter; More

AIDS. 22:S149-S164, December 2008.