October 24th, 2006 - Volume 20 - Issue 16
pp: 1993-2134,W13-W23

Characterization of a new circulating recombinant form comprising HIV-1 subtypes C and B in southern Brazil

Santos, André F; Sousa, Thatiana M; Soares, Esmeralda AJM; More

AIDS. 20(16):2011-2019, October 24th, 2006.

Immunophenotype of HIV+ patients during CD4 cell-monitored treatment interruption: role of the IL-7/IL-7 receptor system

Nemes, Elisa; Lugli, Enrico; Nasi, Milena; More

AIDS. 20(16):2021-2032, October 24th, 2006.

T-cell homeostasis alteration in HIV-1 infected subjects with low CD4 T-cell count despite undetectable virus load during HAART

Marziali, Marco; De Santis, Wladimiro; Carello, Rossella; More

AIDS. 20(16):2033-2041, October 24th, 2006.

A randomized comparative trial of tenofovir DF or abacavir as replacement for a thymidine analogue in persons with lipoatrophy

Moyle, Graeme J; Sabin, Caroline A; Cartledge, Jonathan; More

AIDS. 20(16):2043-2050, October 24th, 2006.

Concise Communication

Genetic evolution of gp41 reveals a highly exclusive relationship between codons 36, 38 and 43 in gp41 under long-term enfuvirtide-containing salvage regimen

Cabrera, Cecilia; Marfil, Silvia; García, Elisabet; More

AIDS. 20(16):2075-2080, October 24th, 2006.

Greater CD4 T-cell gains after one year of antiretroviral therapy are associated with lower HIV-1 pol replication capacity

Barbour, Jason D; Hecht, Frederick M; Little, Susan J; More

AIDS. 20(16):2123-2125, October 24th, 2006.