September 11th, 2006 - Volume 20 - Issue 14
pp: 1791-1909

Concise Communication

CGH of microdissected Kaposi's sarcoma lesions reveals recurrent loss of chromosome Y in early and additional chromosomal changes in late tumour stages

Pyakurel, Pawan; Montag, Ulrike; Castaños-Vélez, Esmeralda; More

AIDS. 20(14):1805-1812, September 11th, 2006.

The impact of sex and contraceptive therapy on the plasma and intracellular pharmacokinetics of zidovudine

Aweeka, Francesca T; Rosenkranz, Susan L; Segal, Yoninah; More

AIDS. 20(14):1833-1841, September 11th, 2006.

Maternal syphilis infection is associated with increased risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Malawi

Mwapasa, Victor; Rogerson, Stephen J; Kwiek, Jesse J; More

AIDS. 20(14):1869-1877, September 11th, 2006.

Concise Communication

Editorial Commentary

Antiretroviral activity of didanosine in patients with different clusters of reverse transcriptase mutations

Blanco, Jose Luis; Biglia, Alejandra; Lazzari, Elisa De; More

AIDS. 20(14):1891-1892, September 11th, 2006.

Switching from protease inhibitor-based-HAART to a protease inhibitor-sparing regimen is associated with improved specific HIV-immune responses in HIV-infected children

Pensieroso, Simone; Romiti, Maria Luisa; Palma, Paolo; More

AIDS. 20(14):1893-1896, September 11th, 2006.

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