March 21st, 2006 - Volume 20 - Issue 5
pp: 641-793

HIV-1 pol mutation frequency by subtype and treatment experience: extension of the HIVseq program to seven non-B subtypes

Rhee, Soo-Yon; Kantor, Rami; Katzenstein, David A; More

AIDS. 20(5):643-651, March 21st, 2006.

Thymic volume, T-cell populations, and parameters of thymopoiesis in adolescent and adult survivors of HIV infection acquired in infancy

Lee, Jason C; Boechat, Maria Ines; Belzer, Marvin; More

AIDS. 20(5):667-674, March 21st, 2006.

Antiretroviral nucleosides, deoxynucleotide carrier and mitochondrial DNA: evidence supporting the DNA pol γ hypothesis

Lewis, William; Kohler, James J; Hosseini, Seyed H; More

AIDS. 20(5):675-684, March 21st, 2006.

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Selection and persistence of non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-resistant HIV-1 in patients starting and stopping non-nucleoside therapy

Palmer, Sarah; Boltz, Valerie; Maldarelli, Frank; More

AIDS. 20(5):701-710, March 21st, 2006.

96-week comparison of once-daily atazanavir/ritonavir and twice-daily lopinavir/ritonavir in patients with multiple virologic failures

Johnson, Margaret; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Rodriguez, Claudia; More

AIDS. 20(5):711-718, March 21st, 2006.

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