May 20th, 2005 - Volume 19 - Issue 8
pp: 747-846

Characterization of humoral and cell-mediated immune responses directed against hepatitis C virus F protein in subjects co-infected with hepatitis C virus and HIV-1

Troesch, Myriam; Jalbert, Emilie; Canobio, Sophie; More

AIDS. 19(8):775-784, May 20th, 2005.

High levels of HPV-16 DNA are associated with high-grade cervical lesions in women at risk or infected with HIV

Fontaine, Julie; Hankins, Catherine; Mayrand, Marie-Hélène; More

AIDS. 19(8):785-794, May 20th, 2005.

Concise Communication

Concise Communication

Evolution of resistance mutations pattern in HIV-1-infected patients during intensification therapy with a boosted protease inhibitor

Blanco, José L; Biglia, M Alejandra; Arnedo, Mireia; More

AIDS. 19(8):829-831, May 20th, 2005.