September 5th, 2003 - Volume 17 - Issue 13
pp: N7-N11,1863-2013

Dynamics of HIV viremia and antibody seroconversion in plasma donors: implications for diagnosis and staging of primary HIV infection

Fiebig, Eberhard W; Wright, David J; Rawal, Bhupat D; More

AIDS. 17(13):1871-1879, September 5th, 2003.

Nucleoside analogue mutations and Q151M in HIV-1 subtype A/E infection treated with nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors

Sirivichayakul, Sunee; Ruxrungtham, Kiat; Ungsedhapand, Chaiwat; More

AIDS. 17(13):1889-1896, September 5th, 2003.

Delayed central nervous system virus suppression during highly active antiretroviral therapy is associated with HIV encephalopathy, but not with viral drug resistance or poor central nervous system drug penetration

Eggers, Christian; Hertogs, Kurt; Stürenburg, Hans-Jörg; More

AIDS. 17(13):1897-1906, September 5th, 2003.

Continued CD4 cell count increases in HIV-infected adults experiencing 4 years of viral suppression on antiretroviral therapy

Hunt, Peter W; Deeks, Steven G; Rodriguez, Benigno; More

AIDS. 17(13):1907-1915, September 5th, 2003.

Concise Communication

Efficacy of indinavir–ritonavir-based regimens in HIV-1-infected patients with prior protease inhibitor failures

Campo, Rafael E; Moreno, Jose N; Suarez, German; More

AIDS. 17(13):1933-1939, September 5th, 2003.

Stochastic simulation of the impact of antiretroviral therapy and HIV vaccines on HIV transmission; Rakai, Uganda

Gray, Ronald H; Li, Xianbin; Wawer, Maria J; More

AIDS. 17(13):1941-1951, September 5th, 2003.