April 13th, 2001 - Volume 15 - Issue 6
pp: 665-821,W1-W25

Proviral HIV-1 DNA in subjects followed since primary HIV-1 infection who suppress plasma viral load after one year of highly active antiretroviral therapy

Ngo-Giang-Huong, Nicole; Deveau, Christiane; Da Silva, Isabelle; More

AIDS. 15(6):665-673, April 13th, 2001.

Viral load differences in early infection with two HIV-1 subtypes

Hu, Dale J.; Vanichseni, Suphak; Mastro, Timothy D.; More

AIDS. 15(6):683-691, April 13th, 2001.

Concise Communication

Concise Communication

HIV-1 reverse transcriptase sequence in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid of patients with AIDS dementia complex treated with Abacavir

Lanier, E. Randall; Sturge, Glenn; McClernon, Daniel; More

AIDS. 15(6):747-751, April 13th, 2001.


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