October 1998 - Volume 12 - Issue 15
pp: F167-F196,1941-2087

Treatment with protease inhibitors associated with peripheral insulin resistance and impaired oral glucose tolerance in HIV-1-infected patients

Walli, Ravi; Herfort, Oliver; Michl, Gerlinde M.; More

AIDS. 12(15):F167-F173, October 1998.

Individual prognoses of long-term responses to antiretroviral treatment based on virological, immunological and pharmacological parameters measured during the first week under therapy

Mueller, Brigitta U.; Zeichner, Steven L.; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.; More

AIDS. 12(15):F191-F196, October 1998.

Original papers

Effect of malabsorption on nutritional status and resting energy expenditure in HIV-infected patients

Jiménez-Expósito, María Jesús; García-Lorda, Pilar; Alonso-Villaverde, Carlos; More

AIDS. 12(15):1965-1972, October 1998.

Original papers

Experience with a cross-study endpoint review committee for AIDS clinical trials

Green, Lisa A.; Rhame, Frank S.; Price, Richard W.; More

AIDS. 12(15):1983-1990, October 1998.

Efficacy and safety of stavudine and didanosine combination therapy in antiretroviral-experienced patients

Raffi, François; Reliquet, Véronique; Auger, Sylvie; More

AIDS. 12(15):1999-2005, October 1998.

Multiple dideoxynucleoside analogue-resistant (MddNR) HIV-1 strains isolated from patients from different European countries

Schmit, Jean-Claude; Van Laethem, Kristel; Ruiz, Lidia; More

AIDS. 12(15):2007-2015, October 1998.

Original papers