November 11th, 1997 - Volume 11 - Issue 13
pp: 1535-1649

Lymphoproliferative immune function in the Sydney Blood Bank Cohort, infected with natural nef/long terminal repeat mutants, and in other long-term survivors of transfusion-acquired HIV-1 infection

Dyer, Wayne B.; Geczy, Andrew F.; Kent, Stephen J.; More

AIDS. 11(13):1565-1574, November 11th, 1997.

HIV-1 detection in cervicovaginal secretions during pregnancy

Loussert-Ajaka, Ibtissam; Mandelbrot, Laurent; Delmas, Marie-Christine; More

AIDS. 11(13):1575-1581, November 11th, 1997.

Potential efficacy of fumagillin in intestinal microsporidiosis due to Enterocytozoon bieneusi in patients with HIV infection: results of a drug screening study

Molina, Jean-Michel; Goguel, Jérome; Sarfati, Claudine; More

AIDS. 11(13):1603-1610, November 11th, 1997.

Risk factors for Kaposi's sarcoma in HIV-positive subjects in Uganda

Ziegler, John L.; Newton, Robert; Katongole-Mbidde, Edward; More

AIDS. 11(13):1619-1626, November 11th, 1997.