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December 5, 2003 - Volume 17 - Issue 18
pp: F49-F54,2547-2667

An open-label assessment of TMC 125—a new, next-generation NNRTI, for 7 days in HIV-1 infected individuals with NNRTI resistance

Gazzard, Brian G; Pozniak, Anton L; Rosenbaum, Willy; More

AIDS. 17(18):F49-F54, December 5, 2003.

Influence of HLA-B57 on clinical presentation and viral control during acute HIV-1 infection

Altfeld, Marcus; Addo, Marylyn M; Rosenberg, Eric S; More

AIDS. 17(18):2581-2591, December 5, 2003.


Provider bias in the selection of non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor and protease inhibitor-based highly active antiretroviral therapy and HIV treatment outcomes in observational studies

Wood, Evan; Hogg, Robert S; Heath, Katherine V; More

AIDS. 17(18):2629-2634, December 5, 2003.

Stable prevalence of genotypic drug resistance mutations but increase in non-B virus among patients with primary HIV-1 infection in France

Chaix, Marie-Laure; Descamps, Diane; Harzic, Martine; More

AIDS. 17(18):2635-2643, December 5, 2003.

Higher risk behaviour and rates of sexually transmitted diseases in Mwanza compared to Uganda may help explain HIV prevention trial outcomes

Orroth, Kate K; Korenromp, Eline L; White, Richard G; More

AIDS. 17(18):2653-2660, December 5, 2003.