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June 1, 2021 - Volume 35 - Issue 7

  • JA Levy

    Roel A. Coutinho
    Sarah L. Rowland-Jones
    Michael S. Saag
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  • 7 of 37 Virology
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​​​New Special Issue

We are pleased to announce the supplement publication  "Harnessing Big Data to Halt HIV"a collection of articles in a special issue of the journal, AIDS.

“The articles in this special issue of AIDS focus on the application of the so-called Big Data science (BDS) as applied to a variety of HIV-applied research questions in the sphere of health services and epidemiology. Recent advances in technology means that a critical mass of HIV-related health data with actionable intelligence is available for optimizing health outcomes, improving and informing surveillance. Data science will play a key but complementary role in supporting current efforts in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and response needed to end the HIV epidemic. This collection provides a glimpse of the promise inherent in leveraging the digital age and improved methods in Big Data science to reimagine HIV treatment and prevention in a digital age."

Supplement Editors: Bankole Olatosi, Sten H. Vermund and Xiaoming Li ​

Figure: Diagram of machine-learning experiments. From: Application of machine-learning techniques in classification of HIV medical care status for people living with HIV in South Carolina. AIDS 35:S19-S28, May 1, 2021.

Current Issue Highlights

Antiretroviral therapy-treated HIV-infected adults with coronary artery disease are characterized by a distinctive regulatory T-cell signature

Rothan, Céline; Yero, Alexis; Shi, Tao; More

AIDS. 35(7):1003-1014, June 1, 2021.

Markers of inflammation and immune activation are associated with lung function in a multi-center cohort of persons with HIV

Jan, Amanda K.; Moore, Julia V.; Wang, Richard J.; More

AIDS. 35(7):1031-1040, June 1, 2021.


Pre-treatment integrase inhibitor resistance is uncommon in antiretroviral therapy-naive individuals with HIV-1 subtype A1 and D infections in Uganda

McCluskey, Suzanne M.; Kamelian, Kimia; Musinguzi, Nicholas; More

AIDS. 35(7):1083-1089, June 1, 2021.

Rectal microbiota diversity in Kenyan MSM is inversely associated with frequency of receptive anal sex, independent of HIV status

Gebrebrhan, Henok; Kambaran, Cheli; Sivro, Aida; More

AIDS. 35(7):1091-1101, June 1, 2021.

Kidney injury biomarkers during exposure to tenofovir-based preexposure prophylaxis

Nickolas, Thomas L.; Barasch, Jonathan; Mugwanya, Kenneth K.; More

AIDS. 35(7):1147-1149, June 1, 2021.