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March 15, 2021 - Volume 35 - Issue 4

  • JA Levy

    Roel A. Coutinho
    Sarah L. Rowland-Jones
    Michael S. Saag
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We are pleased to announce the supplement publication collaboration with The Population Council, Project SOAR, and partners: “Reducing stigma and discrimination: Innovations in measurement and practice,” a collection of articles in a special issue of the journal, AIDS.


This AIDS special issue includes research on improving the measurement of and interventions to overcome stigma and discrimination among people living with and at risk for HIV and AIDS. With papers from Asia, Africa, North and Latin America, this special issue highlights the persistence of stigma and discrimination around the world, which have a profound impact on how individuals and groups of people engage with HIV services.


There are reasons to hope that progress to reduce stigma is possible, but also reminders of how fragile success may be in the face of resource constraints and other urgent health priorities, including the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

Current Issue Highlights

Apolipoprotein A-I mimetics attenuate macrophage activation in chronic treated HIV

Mu, William; Sharma, Madhav; Heymans, Rachel; More

AIDS. 35(4):543-553, March 15, 2021.


Age-specific mortality rate ratios in adolescents and youth aged 10–24 years living with perinatally versus nonperinatally acquired HIV

Desmonde, Sophie; Ciaranello, Andrea L.; Malateste, Karen; More

AIDS. 35(4):625-632, March 15, 2021.