Articles by Vic Arendt

Breastfeeding with maternal antiretroviral therapy or formula feeding to prevent HIV postnatal mother-to-child transmission in Rwanda

Peltier, Cécile Alexandra; Ndayisaba, Gilles François; Lepage, Philippe; More

AIDS. 23(18):2415-2423, November 27th, 2009.

Multiple dideoxynucleoside analogue-resistant (MddNR) HIV-1 strains isolated from patients from different European countries

Schmit, Jean-Claude; Van Laethem, Kristel; Ruiz, Lidia; More

AIDS. 12(15):2007-2015, October 1998.

Haptoglobin polymorphism, iron metabolism and mortality in HIV infection

Delanghe, Joris R.; Langlois, Michel R.; Boelaert, Johan R.; More

AIDS. 12(9):1027-1032, September 1998.