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Articles by Steffanie A. Strathdee

Examining the evidence on the causal effect of HAART on transmission of HIV using the Bradford Hill criteria

Nosyk, Bohdan; Audoin, Bertrand; Beyrer, Chris; More

AIDS. 27(7):1159-1165, April 24th, 2013.

Comparison of sexual behaviors, unprotected sex, and substance use between two independent cohorts of gay and bisexual men

Craib, Kevin J. P.; Weber, Amy C.; Cornelisse, Peter G. A.; More

AIDS. 14(3):303-311, February 18th, 2000.

Prevalence of primary HIV drug resistance among seroconverters during an explosive outbreak of HIV infection among injecting drug users

Alexander, Christopher S.; Dong, Winnie; Schechter, Martin T.; More

AIDS. 13(8):981-985, May 28th, 1999.

Is AIDS a floating point between HIV seroconversion and death? Insights from the Tricontinental Seroconverter Study

van Benthem, Birgit H.B.; Veugelers, Paul J.; Cornelisse, Peter G.A.; More

AIDS. 12(9):1039-1045, September 1998.