Articles by Scott E. Kellerman

Evidence from the field: missed opportunities for identifying and linking HIV-infected children for early initiation of ART

Chamla, Dick; Mbori-Ngacha, Dorothy; Newman, Morkor; More

AIDS. 27:S139-S146, November 2013.

Understanding the contribution of common childhood illnesses and opportunistic infections to morbidity and mortality in children living with HIV in resource-limited settings

Modi, Surbhi; Chiu, Alex; Ng’eno, Bernadette; More

AIDS. 27:S159-S167, November 2013.

Delivering pediatric HIV care in resource-limited settings: cost considerations in an expanded response

Tolle, Michael A.; Phelps, B. Ryan; Desmond, Chris; More

AIDS. 27:S179-S186, November 2013.

HIV-exposed infants: rethinking care for a lifelong condition

Sugandhi, Nandita; Rodrigues, Jessica; Kim, Maria; More

AIDS. 27:S187-S195, November 2013.

Linkage, initiation and retention of children in the antiretroviral therapy cascade: an overview

Phelps, B. Ryan; Ahmed, Saeed; Amzel, Anouk; More

AIDS. 27:S207-S213, November 2013.

Pediatric treatment 2.0: ensuring a holistic response to caring for HIV-exposed and infected children

Essajee, Shaffiq M.; Arpadi, Stephen M.; Dziuban, Eric J.; More

AIDS. 27:S215-S224, November 2013.

Beyond prevention of mother-to-child transmission: keeping HIV-exposed and HIV-positive children healthy and alive

Kellerman, Scott E.; Ahmed, Saeed; Feeley-Summerl, Theresa; More

AIDS. 27:S225-S233, November 2013.

Beyond early infant diagnosis: case finding strategies for identification of HIV-infected infants and children

Ahmed, Saeed; Kim, Maria H.; Sugandhi, Nandita; More

AIDS. 27:S235-S245, November 2013.