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Exploring the population-level impact of antiretroviral treatment: the influence of baseline intervention context

Mishra, Sharmistha; Mountain, Elisa; Pickles, Michael; More

AIDS. 28:S61-S72, January 2014.

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Positive impact of a large-scale HIV prevention programme among female sex workers and clients in South India

Boily, Marie-Claude; Pickles, Michael; Lowndes, Catherine M.; More

AIDS. 27(9):1449-1460, June 1st, 2013.

Evaluation design for large-scale HIV prevention programmes: the case of Avahan, the India AIDS initiative

Chandrasekaran, Padma; Dallabetta, Gina; Loo, Virginia; More

AIDS. 22:S1-S15, December 2008.

Prevalence and determinants of HIV and sexually transmitted infections in a general population-based sample in Mysore district, Karnataka state, southern India

Munro, Helen L; Pradeep, Banandur S; Jayachandran, A Ayyanat; More

AIDS. 22:S117-S125, December 2008.

Using mathematical modelling to investigate the plausibility of attributing observed antenatal clinic declines to a female sex worker intervention in Karnataka state, India

Boily, Marie-Claude; Pickles, Michael; Vickerman, Peter; More

AIDS. 22:S149-S164, December 2008.

Decline in the prevalence of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases among female sex workers in Cotonou, Benin, 1993–1999

Alary, Michel; Mukenge-Tshibaka, Léonard; Bernier, France; More

AIDS. 16(3):463-470, February 15th, 2002.

Management of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV prevention in men at high risk: targeting clients and non-paying sexual partners of female sex workers in Benin

Lowndes, Catherine M.; Alary, Michel; Gnintoungbé, Cyriaque A. B.; More

AIDS. 14(16):2523-2534, November 10th, 2000.

Challenges in the conduct of vaginal microbicide effectiveness trials in the developing world

Ramjee, Gita; Morar, Neetha S.; Alary, Michel; More

AIDS. 14(16):2553-2557, November 10th, 2000.

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