Articles by Marcus Altfeld

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Hepatitis C virus drives increased type I interferon-associated impairments associated with fibrosis severity in antiretroviral treatment-treated HIV-1–hepatitis C...

Griesbeck, Morgane; Valantin, Marc-Antoine; Lacombe, Karine; More

AIDS. 31(9):1223-1234, June 1st, 2017.

Enhanced immune activation linked to endotoxemia in HIV-1 seronegative MSM

Palmer, Christine D.; Tomassilli, Julia; Sirignano, Michael; More

AIDS. 28(14):2162-2166, September 10th, 2014.

Sequence variations in HIV-1 p24 Gag-derived epitopes can alter binding of KIR2DL2 to HLA-C*03: 04 and modulate primary natural killer cell function

van Teijlingen, Nienke H.; Hölzemer, Angelique; Körner, Christian; More

AIDS. 28(10):1399-1408, June 19th, 2014.

Natural killer cell function in women at high risk for HIV acquisition: insights from a microbicide trial

Naranbhai, Vivek; Altfeld, Marcus; Abdool Karim, Quarraisha; More

AIDS. 26(14):1745-1753, September 10th, 2012.

Comprehensive analysis of virus-specific T-cells provides clues for the failure of therapeutic immunization with ALVAC-HIV vaccine

Papagno, Laura; Alter, Galit; Assoumou, Lambert; More

AIDS. 25(1):27-36, January 2nd, 2011.

Epidemiologically linked transmission of HIV-1 illustrates the impact of host genetics on virological outcome

Streeck, Hendrik; Jessen, Heiko; Kuecherer, Claudia; More

AIDS. 23(2):259-262, January 14th, 2009.

High degree of inter-clade cross-reactivity of HIV-1-specific T cell responses at the single peptide level

Yu, Xu G; Lichterfeld, Mathias; Perkins, Beth; More

AIDS. 19(14):1449-1456, September 23rd, 2005.

HIV-1 Nef is preferentially recognized by CD8 T cells in primary HIV-1 infection despite a relatively high degree of genetic diversity

Lichterfeld, Mathias; Yu, Xu G; Cohen, Daniel; More

AIDS. 18(10):1383-1392, July 2nd, 2004.

Influence of HLA-B57 on clinical presentation and viral control during acute HIV-1 infection

Altfeld, Marcus; Addo, Marylyn M; Rosenberg, Eric S; More

AIDS. 17(18):2581-2591, December 5th, 2003.

Important contribution of p15 Gag-specific responses to the total Gag-specific CTL responses

Yu, Xu G.; Shang, Hong; Addo, Marylyn M.; More

AIDS. 16(3):321-328, February 15th, 2002.

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