Articles by Jean-Pierre Aboulker

Long-term immunogenicity of two doses of 2009 A/H1N1v vaccine with and without AS03A adjuvant in HIV-1-infected adults

Durier, Christine; Desaint, Corinne; Lucht, Frédéric; More

AIDS. 27(1):87-93, January 2nd, 2013.

Time course of total HIV-1 DNA and 2-long-terminal repeat circles in patients with controlled plasma viremia switching to a raltegravir-containing regimen

Delaugerre, Constance; Charreau, Isabelle; Braun, Josephine; More

AIDS. 24(15):2391-2395, September 24th, 2010.

Immunogenicity and safety of an HIV-1 lipopeptide vaccine in healthy adults: a phase 2 placebo-controlled ANRS trial

Salmon-Céron, Dominique; Durier, Christine; Desaint, Corinne; More

AIDS. 24(14):2211-2223, September 10th, 2010.

Long-term effects of intermittent interleukin-2 therapy in chronic HIV-infected patients (ANRS 048–079 Trials)*

Durier, Christine; Capitant, Catherine; Lascaux, Anne-Sophie; More

AIDS. 21(14):1887-1897, September 2007.

Sustained control of viremia following therapeutic immunization in chronically HIV-1-infected individuals

Lévy, Yves; Durier, Christine; Lascaux, Anne-Sophie; More

AIDS. 20(3):405-413, February 14th, 2006.

Immunological and virological efficacy of a therapeutic immunization combined with interleukin-2 in chronically HIV-1 infected patients

Lévy, Yves; Gahéry-Ségard, Hanne; Durier, Christine; More

AIDS. 19(3):279-286, February 18th, 2005.

Virological and immunological impact of non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor withdrawal in HIV-infected patients with multiple treatment failures

Piketty, Christophe; Gérard, Laurence; Chazallon, Corine; More

AIDS. 18(10):1469-1471, July 2nd, 2004.

Successful implementation of a low-cost method for enumerating CD4+ T lymphocytes in resource-limited settings: the ANRS 12–26 study

Diagbouga, Serge; Chazallon, Corine; Kazatchkine, Michel D; More

AIDS. 17(15):2201-2208, October 17th, 2003.

Effects of interleukin-2 therapy combined with highly active antiretroviral therapy on immune restoration in HIV-1 infection: a randomized controlled trial

Levy, Yves; Durier, Christine; Krzysiek, Roman; More

AIDS. 17(3):343-351, February 14th, 2003.

A prospective study of criteria for the diagnosis of toxoplasmic encephalitis in 186 AIDS patients

Raffi, François; Aboulker, Jean-Pierre; Michelet, Christian; More

AIDS. 11(2):177-184, February 11th, 1997.