Articles by Jan Andersson

Dendritic cell recruitment in response to skin antigen tests in HIV-1-infected individuals correlates with the level of T-cell infiltration

Liang, Frank; Bond, Emily; Sandgren, Kerrie J.; More

AIDS. 27(7):1071-1080, April 24th, 2013.

HAART reduces death ligand but not death receptors in lymphoid tissue of HIV-infected patients and simian immunodeficiency virus-infected macaques

Herbeuval, Jean-Philippe; Nilsson, Jakob; Boasso, Adriano; More

AIDS. 23(1):35-40, January 2nd, 2009.

Suppression of leukemia inhibitor factor in lymphoid tissue in primary HIV infection: absence of HIV replication in gp130-positive cells

Tjernlund, Annelie; Fleener, Zareefa; Behbahani, Homira; More

AIDS. 17(9):1303-1310, June 13th, 2003.

Accumulation of DC-SIGN+CD40+ dendritic cells with reduced CD80 and CD86 expression in lymphoid tissue during acute HIV-1 infection

Loré, Karin; Sönnerborg, Anders; Broström, Christina; More

AIDS. 16(5):683-692, March 29th, 2002.

Parallel decline of CD8+/CD38++ T cells and viraemia in response to quadruple highly active antiretroviral therapy in primary HIV infection

Tilling, Richard; Kinloch, Sabine; Goh, Li-Ean; More

AIDS. 16(4):589-596, March 8th, 2002.

Perforin is not co-expressed with granzyme A within cytotoxic granules in CD8 T lymphocytes present in lymphoid tissue during chronic HIV infection

Andersson, Jan; Behbahani, Homira; Lieberman, Judy; More

AIDS. 13(11):1295-1303, July 30th, 1999.