Articles by Jacques Reynes

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HIV is associated with airway obstruction: a matched controlled study

Makinson, Alain; Hayot, Maurice; Eymard-Duvernay, Sabrina; More

AIDS. 32(2):227-232, January 14, 2018.

Feasibility and efficacy of early lung cancer diagnosis with chest computed tomography in HIV-infected smokers

Makinson, Alain; Eymard-Duvernay, Sabrina; Raffi, François; More

AIDS. 30(4):573-582, February 20th, 2016.

Efficacy and safety of three second-line antiretroviral regimens in HIV-infected patients in Africa

Ciaffi, Laura; Koulla-Shiro, Sinata; Sawadogo, Adrien; More

AIDS. 29(12):1473-1481, July 31st, 2015.

Alpha interferon administration during structured interruptions of combination antiretroviral therapy in patients with chronic HIV-1 infection: INTERVAC ANRS 105 trial

Boué, François; Reynes, Jacques; Rouzioux, Christine; More

AIDS. 25(1):115-118, January 2nd, 2011.

Antiviral activity, pharmacokinetics and safety of vicriviroc, an oral CCR5 antagonist, during 14-day monotherapy in HIV-infected adults

Schürmann, Dirk; Fätkenheuer, Gerd; Reynes, Jacques; More

AIDS. 21(10):1293-1299, June 2007.

Benefit of treatment interruption in HIV-infected patients with multiple therapeutic failures: a randomized controlled trial (ANRS 097)

Katlama, Christine; Dominguez, Stéphanie; Gourlain, Karine; More

AIDS. 18(2):217-226, January 23rd, 2004.

Dynamics of spontaneous HIV-1 specific and non-specific B-cell responses in patients receiving antiretroviral therapy

Fournier, Anne-Marie; Baillat, Vincent; Alix-Panabieres, Catherine; More

AIDS. 16(13):1755-1760, September 6th, 2002.

Emergence of zidovudine and multidrug-resistance mutations in the HIV-1 reverse transcriptase gene in therapy-naive patients receiving stavudine plus didanosine combination therapy

Pellegrin, Isabelle; Izopet, Jacques; Reynes, Jacques; More

AIDS. 13(13):1705-1709, September 10th, 1999.

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