Articles by Isabelle Garrigue

Factors influencing peripheral blood mononuclear cell-associated HIV-1 DNA level after long-term suppressive antiretroviral therapy in 236 patients

Burgard, Marianne; Boufassa, Faroudy; Viard, Jean-Paul; More

AIDS. 23(16):2165-2171, October 23rd, 2009.

Virologic response to nelfinavir-based regimens: pharmacokinetics and drug resistance mutations (VIRAPHAR study)

Pellegrin, Isabelle; Breilh, Dominique; Montestruc, François; More

AIDS. 16(10):1331-1340, July 5th, 2002.

Genotypic drug resistance during HIV-1 primary infection in France (1996–1999): frequency and response to treatment

Harzic, Martine; Pellegrin, Isabelle; Deveau, Christiane; More

AIDS. 16(5):793-796, March 29th, 2002.

Cell-associated HIV-1-DNA quantitation after highly active antiretroviral therapy-treated primary infection in patients with persistently undetectable plasma HIV-1 RNA

Garrigue, Isabelle; Pellegrin, Isabelle; Hoen, Bruno; More

AIDS. 14(18):2851-2855, December 22nd, 2000.