Articles by Faroudy Boufassa

Does rapid HIV disease progression prior to combination antiretroviral therapy hinder optimal CD4+ T-cell recovery once HIV-1 suppression is achieved?

Jarrin, Inma; Pantazis, Nikos; Dalmau, Judith; More

AIDS. 29(17):2323-2333, November 2015.

Elevated IP10 levels are associated with immune activation and low CD4+ T-cell counts in HIV controller patients

Noel, Nicolas; Boufassa, Faroudy; Lécuroux, Camille; More

AIDS. 28(4):467-476, February 20th, 2014.

MHC-driven HIV-1 control on the long run is not systematically determined at early times post-HIV-1 infection

Antoni, Guillemette; Guergnon, Julien; Meaudre, Céline; More

AIDS. 27(11):1707-1716, July 17th, 2013.

Factors influencing peripheral blood mononuclear cell-associated HIV-1 DNA level after long-term suppressive antiretroviral therapy in 236 patients

Burgard, Marianne; Boufassa, Faroudy; Viard, Jean-Paul; More

AIDS. 23(16):2165-2171, October 23rd, 2009.

Prolonged valproic acid treatment does not reduce the size of latent HIV reservoir

Sagot-Lerolle, Nathalie; Lamine, Aurelia; Chaix, Marie-Laure; More

AIDS. 22(10):1125-1129, June 19th, 2008.

Does transient HAART during primary HIV-1 infection lower the virological set-point?

Desquilbet, Loïc; Goujard, Cécile; Rouzioux, Christine; More

AIDS. 18(18):2361-2369, December 3rd, 2004.

Tuberculosis risk varies with the duration of HIV infection: a prospective study of European drug users with known date of HIV seroconversion

van Asten, Liselotte; Langendam, Miranda; Zangerle, Robert; More

AIDS. 17(8):1201-1208, May 23rd, 2003.

Using phylogenetic analysis to trace HIV-1 migration among western European injecting drug users seroconverting from 1984 to 1997

Op de Coul, Eline L. M.; Prins, Maria; Cornelissen, Marion; More

AIDS. 15(2):257-266, January 26th, 2001.