Articles by Christopher D. Pilcher

Viral load criteria and threshold optimization to improve HIV incidence assay characteristics

Kassanjee, Reshma; Pilcher, Christopher D.; Busch, Michael P.; More

AIDS. 30(15):2361-2371, September 24th, 2016.

Select host restriction factors are associated with HIV persistence during antiretroviral therapy

Abdel-Mohsen, Mohamed; Wang, Charlene; Strain, Matthew C.; More

AIDS. 29(4):411-420, February 20th, 2015.

Independent assessment of candidate HIV incidence assays on specimens in the CEPHIA repository

Kassanjee, Reshma; Pilcher, Christopher D.; Keating, Sheila M.; More

AIDS. 28(16):2439-2449, October 23rd, 2014.

Programmed death-1 expression on CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in treated and untreated HIV disease

Cockerham, Leslie R.; Jain, Vivek; Sinclair, Elizabeth; More

AIDS. 28(12):1749-1758, July 31st, 2014.

HIV in body fluids during primary HIV infection: implications for pathogenesis, treatment and public health

Pilcher, Christopher D.; Shugars, Diane C.; Fiscus, Susan A.; More

AIDS. 15(7):837-845, May 4th, 2001.