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Articles by Chris Beyrer

HIV drug resistance in a cohort of HIV-infected MSM in the United States

Fogel, Jessica M.; Sivay, Mariya V.; Cummings, Vanessa; More

AIDS. 34(1):91-101, January 1, 2020.

Examining the evidence on the causal effect of HAART on transmission of HIV using the Bradford Hill criteria

Nosyk, Bohdan; Audoin, Bertrand; Beyrer, Chris; More

AIDS. 27(7):1159-1165, April 24, 2013.

High HIV, hepatitis C and sexual risks among drug-using men who have sex with men in northern Thailand

Beyrer, Chris; Sripaipan, Teerada; Tovanabutra, Sodsai; More

AIDS. 19(14):1535-1540, September 23rd, 2005.

Decreasing incidence of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in young Thai men: evidence for success of the HIV/AIDS control and prevention program

Celentano, David D.; Nelson, Kenrad E.; Lyles, Cynthia M.; More

AIDS. 12(5):F29-F36, March 26, 1998.