Articles by Bertran Auvert

Level of viral suppression and the cascade of HIV care in a South African semi-urban setting in 2012

Jean, Kévin; Puren, Adrian; Cutler, Ewaldé; More

AIDS. 30(13):2107-2116, August 24th, 2016.

Association of recent HIV infection and in-utero HIV-1 transmission

Taha, Taha E.; James, Maria M.; Hoover, Donald R.; More

AIDS. 25(11):1357-1364, July 17th, 2011.

Does sex in the early period after circumcision increase HIV-seroconversion risk? Pooled analysis of adult male circumcision clinical trials

Mehta, Supriya D; Gray, Ronald H; Auvert, Bertran; More

AIDS. 23(12):1557-1564, July 31st, 2009.

Transmission probabilities of HIV and herpes simplex virus type 2, effect of male circumcision and interaction: a longitudinal study in a township of South Africa

Mahiane, Séverin-Guy; Legeai, Camille; Taljaard, Dirk; More

AIDS. 23(3):377-383, January 28th, 2009.

Response to Ronald Gray et al., Male circumcision and HIV acquisition and transmission: cohort studies in Rakai, Uganda (AIDS 2000, 14:2371–2381).

Halperin, Daniel T.; Weiss, Helen A.; Hayes, Richard; More

AIDS. 16(5):810-812, March 29th, 2002.

Educational level is associated with condom use within non-spousal partnerships in four cities of sub-Saharan Africa

Lagarde, Emmanuel; Caraël, Michel; Glynn, Judith R.; More

AIDS. 15(11):1399-1408, July 27th, 2001.

Concurrent sexual partnerships and HIV prevalence in five urban communities of sub-Saharan Africa

Lagarde, Emmanuel; Auvert, Bertran; Caraël, Michel; More

AIDS. 15(7):877-884, May 4th, 2001.

HIV infection among youth in a South African mining town is associated with herpes simplex virus-2 seropositivity and sexual behaviour

Auvert, Bertran; Ballard, Ron; Campbell, Catherine; More

AIDS. 15(7):885-898, May 4th, 2001.