Articles by Bernard Hirschel

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Interruptions of cART limits CD4 T-cell recovery and increases the risk for opportunistic complications and death

Kaufmann, Gilbert R; Elzi, Luigia; Weber, Rainer; More

AIDS. 25(4):441-451, February 20th, 2011.

A randomized crossover study to compare efavirenz and etravirine treatment

Nguyen, Alain; Calmy, Alexandra; Delhumeau, Cécile; More

AIDS. 25(1):57-63, January 2nd, 2011.

Randomized controlled study demonstrating failure of LPV/r monotherapy in HIV: the role of compartment and CD4-nadir

Gutmann, Christine; Cusini, Alexia; Günthard, Huldrych F; More

AIDS. 24(15):2347-2354, September 24th, 2010.

Cognitive dysfunction in HIV patients despite long-standing suppression of viremia

Simioni, Samanta; Cavassini, Matthias; Annoni, Jean-Marie; More

AIDS. 24(9):1243-1250, June 1st, 2010.

The impact of transmission clusters on primary drug resistance in newly diagnosed HIV-1 infection

Yerly, Sabine; Junier, Thomas; Gayet-Ageron, Angèle; More

AIDS. 23(11):1415-1423, July 17th, 2009.

HIV increases markers of cardiovascular risk: results from a randomized, treatment interruption trial

Calmy, Alexandra; Gayet-Ageron, Angèle; Montecucco, Fabrizio; More

AIDS. 23(8):929-939, May 15th, 2009.

Viral resuppression and detection of drug resistance following interruption of a suppressive non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-based regimen

Fox, Zoe; Phillips, Andrew; Cohen, Cal; More

AIDS. 22(17):2279-2289, November 12th, 2008.

Antiretroviral treatment during pregnancy

Keiser, Olivia; Gayet-Ageron, Angèle; Rudin, Christoph; More

AIDS. 22(17):2323-2330, November 12th, 2008.

Predicting the evolution of Kaposi sarcoma, in the highly active antiretroviral therapy era

Boffi El Amari, Emmanuelle; Toutous-Trellu, Laurence; Gayet-Ageron, Angèle; More

AIDS. 22(9):1019-1028, May 31st, 2008.

Interruptions of tenofovir/emtricitabine-based antiretroviral therapy in patients with HIV/hepatitis B virus co-infection

Nüesch, Reto; Ananworanich, Jintanat; Srasuebkul, Preeyaporn; More

AIDS. 22(1):152-154, January 2nd, 2008.

Predictors of optimal viral suppression in patients switched to abacavir, lamivudine, and zidovudine: the Swiss HIV Cohort Study

Wolbers, Marcel; Opravil, Milos; von Wyl, Viktor; More

AIDS. 21(16):2201-2207, October 2007.

Short-term clinical disease progression in HIV-1-positive patients taking combination antiretroviral therapy: the EuroSIDA risk-score

Mocroft, Amanda; Ledergerber, Bruno; Zilmer, Kai; More

AIDS. 21(14):1867-1875, September 2007.

Dose-dependent influence of didanosine on immune recovery in HIV-infected patients treated with tenofovir

Karrer, Urs; Ledergerber, Bruno; Furrer, Hansjakob; More

AIDS. 19(17):1987-1994, November 18th, 2005.

The role of CFTR and SPINK-1 mutations in pancreatic disorders in HIV-positive patients: a case–control study

Felley, Christian; Morris, Michael A; Wonkam, Ambroise; More

AIDS. 18(11):1521-1527, July 23rd, 2004.

Failures of 1 week on, 1 week off antiretroviral therapies in a randomized trial

Ananworanich, Jintanat; Nuesch, Reto; Le Braz, Michelle; More

AIDS. 17(15):F33-F37, October 17th, 2003.

Migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study: access to antiretroviral therapy, disease progression and survival

Staehelin, Cornelia; Rickenbach, Martin; Low, Nicola; More

AIDS. 17(15):2237-2244, October 17th, 2003.

A controlled trial of granulocyte macrophage-colony stimulating factor during interruption of HAART

Fagard, Catherine; Le Braz, Michelle; Günthard, Huldrych; More

AIDS. 17(10):1487-1492, July 4th, 2003.

Residual HIV-specific CD4 and CD8 T cell frequencies after prolonged antiretroviral therapy reflect pretreatment plasma virus load

Oxenius, Annette; Price, David A; Dawson, Sara J; More

AIDS. 16(17):2317-2322, November 22nd, 2002.

Intermittent and sustained low-level HIV viral rebound in patients receiving potent antiretroviral therapy

Greub, Gilbert; Cozzi-Lepri, Alessandro; Ledergerber, Bruno; More

AIDS. 16(14):1967-1969, September 27th, 2002.

Clinical efficacy of early initiation of HAART in patients with asymptomatic HIV infection and CD4 cell count > 350 × 106/l

Opravil, Milos; Ledergerber, Bruno; Furrer, Hansjakob; More

AIDS. 16(10):1371-1381, July 5th, 2002.

Impact of occasional short interruptions of HAART on the progression of HIV infection: results from a cohort study

Taffé, Patrick; Rickenbach, Martin; Hirschel, Bernard; More

AIDS. 16(5):747-755, March 29th, 2002.

Switching from protease inhibitors to efavirenz: differences in efficacy and tolerance among risk groups: a case–control study from the Swiss HIV Cohort

Hirschel, Bernard; Flepp, Markus; Bucher, Heiner C.; More

AIDS. 16(3):381-385, February 15th, 2002.

Response to first protease inhibitor- and efavirenz-containing antiretroviral combination therapy The Swiss HIV Cohort Study

Friedl, Andrée C.; Ledergerber, Bruno; Flepp, Markus; More

AIDS. 15(14):1793-1800, September 28th, 2001.

Long-term hydroxyurea in combination with didanosine and stavudine for the treatment of HIV-1 infection

Rutschmann, Olivier T; Vernazza, Pietro L; Bucher, Heiner C; More

AIDS. 14(14):2145-2151, September 29th, 2000.

Salvage therapy with abacavir plus a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor and a protease inhibitor in heavily pre-treated HIV-1 infected patients

Khanna, Nina; Klimkait, Thomas; Schiffer, Veronique; More

AIDS. 14(7):791-799, May 5th, 2000.

Antiretroviral therapies in pregnancy: maternal, fetal and neonatal effects

Lorenzi, Patrizio; Spicher, Virginie Masserey; Laubereau, Birgit; More

AIDS. 12(18):F241-F247, December 24th, 1998.

A placebo-controlled trial of didanosine plus stavudine, with and without hydroxyurea, for HIV infection

Rutschmann, Olivier T.; Opravil, Milos; Iten, Anne; More

AIDS. 12(8):F71-77, May 28th, 1998.

A randomized double-blind controlled study of 6 months of oral nutritional supplementation with arginine and Ω-3 fatty acids in HIV-infected patients

Pichard, Claude; Sudre, Philippe; Karsegard, Véronique; More

AIDS. 12(1):53-63, January 1st, 1998.

Toxicity, efficacy, plasma drug concentrations and protease mutations in patients with advanced HIV infection treated with ritonavir plus saquinavir

Lorenzi, Patrizio; Yerly, Sabine; Abderrakim, Karmine; More

AIDS. 11(12):F95-F99, October 11th, 1997.

The efficacy and safety of zidovudine alone or as cotherapy with acyclovir for the treatment of patients with AIDS and AIDS-related complex: a double-blind, randomized trial

Cooper, David A.; Pehrson, P. Olov; Pedersen, Court; More

AIDS. 7(2):197-208, February 1993.

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