Articles by Antonio Caruz

IFNL4 rs368234815 polymorphism is associated with innate resistance to HIV-1 infection

Real, Luis M.; Herrero, Rocío; Rivero-Juárez, Antonio; More

AIDS. 29(14):1895-1897, September 10, 2015.

Variations at multiple genes improve interleukin 28B genotype predictive capacity for response to therapy against hepatitis C infection

Neukam, Karin; Caruz, Antonio; Rivero-Juárez, Antonio; More

AIDS. 27(17):2715-2724, November 13th, 2013.

The IL28B effect on hepatitis C virus kinetics among HIV patients after the first weeks of pegylated-interferon/ribavirin treatment varies according to hepatitis C virus-1 subtype

Rivero-Juarez, Antonio; Lopez-Cortes, Luis F.; Camacho, Angela; More

AIDS. 27(12):1941-1947, July 31st, 2013.

Endoplasmic reticulum aminopeptidase 2 haplotypes play a role in modulating susceptibility to HIV infection

Biasin, Mara; Sironi, Manuela; Saulle, Irma; More

AIDS. 27(11):1697-1706, July 17th, 2013.

Genetic variability at the TREX1 locus is not associated with natural resistance to HIV-1 infection

Sironi, Manuela; Biasin, Mara; Forni, Diego; More

AIDS. 26(11):1443-1445, July 17th, 2012.

LDLr genotype modifies the impact of IL28B on HCV viral kinetics after the first weeks of treatment with PEG-IFN/RBV in HIV/HCV patients

Rivero-Juarez, Antonio; Camacho, Angela; Caruz, Antonio; More

AIDS. 26(8):1009-1015, May 15th, 2012.

Low-density lipoprotein receptor genotyping enhances the predictive value of IL28B genotype in HIV/hepatitis C virus-coinfected patients

Pineda, Juan A.; Caruz, Antonio; Di Lello, Federico A.; More

AIDS. 25(11):1415-1420, July 17th, 2011.

Impact of IL28B polymorphisms on response to peginterferon and ribavirin in HIV–hepatitis C virus-coinfected patients with prior nonresponse or relapse

Labarga, Pablo; Barreiro, Pablo; Mira, José A; More

AIDS. 25(8):1131-1133, May 15th, 2011.

Association between IL28B gene polymorphisms and plasma HCV-RNA levels in HIV/HCV-co-infected patients

Labarga, Pablo; Soriano, Vincent; Caruz, Antonio; More

AIDS. 25(6):761-766, March 27th, 2011.