Articles by Antonella d’Arminio Monforte

Clinical and viro-immunological correlates of HIV associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND) in a cohort of antiretroviral-naïve HIV-infected patients

Bai, Francesca; Iannuzzi, Francesca; Merlini, Esther; More

AIDS. 31(2):311-314, January 14th, 2017.

Use of antiretroviral therapy and risk of end-stage liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma in HIV-positive persons

Ryom, Lene; Lundgren, Jens Dilling; De Wit, Stéphane; More

AIDS. 30(11):1731-1743, July 17th, 2016.

Improvements over time in short-term mortality following myocardial infarction in HIV-positive individuals

Hatleberg, Camilla Ingrid; Ryom, Lene; El-Sadr, Wafaa; More

AIDS. 30(10):1583-1596, June 19th, 2016.

Is nelfinavir exposure associated with cancer incidence in HIV-positive individuals?

Boettiger, David C.; Sabin, Caroline A.; Grulich, Andrew; More

AIDS. 30(10):1629-1637, June 19th, 2016.

Insurability of HIV-positive people treated with antiretroviral therapy in Europe: collaborative analysis of HIV cohort studies

Kaulich-Bartz, Josee; Dam, Wayne; May, Margaret T.; More

AIDS. 27(10):1641-1655, June 19th, 2013.

Risk of clinical progression among patients with immunological nonresponse despite virological suppression after combination antiretroviral treatment

Lapadula, Giuseppe; Cozzi-Lepri, Alessandro; Marchetti, Giulia; More

AIDS. 27(5):769-779, March 13th, 2013.

Atazanavir is not associated with an increased risk of cardio or cerebrovascular disease events

Monforte, Antonella d’Arminio; Reiss, Peter; Ryom, Lene; More

AIDS. 27(3):407-415, January 28th, 2013.