Articles by Anne Buvé

Factors influencing the difference in HIV prevalence between antenatal clinic and general population in sub-Saharan Africa

Glynn, Judith R.; Buvé, Anne; Caraël, Michel; More

AIDS. 15(13):1717-1725, September 7th, 2001.

Educational level is associated with condom use within non-spousal partnerships in four cities of sub-Saharan Africa

Lagarde, Emmanuel; Caraël, Michel; Glynn, Judith R.; More

AIDS. 15(11):1399-1408, July 27th, 2001.

Concurrent sexual partnerships and HIV prevalence in five urban communities of sub-Saharan Africa

Lagarde, Emmanuel; Auvert, Bertran; Caraël, Michel; More

AIDS. 15(7):877-884, May 4th, 2001.

Epidemiological and molecular characteristics of HIV infection in Gabon, 1986–1994

Delaporte, Eric; Janssens, Wouter; Peeters, Martine; More

AIDS. 10(8):903-910, July 1996.