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The latest ground-breaking research and notable observations in HIV and AIDS are presented in AIDS​. The Journal publishes high-quality papers reporting original scientific, clinical, epidemiological, and social research. We especially welcome contributions on basic science, community-based research, implementation studies, and clinical trials that contribute to the overall knowledge of the field. The selected articles include Original Papers, Concise Communications, Field Notes, Research Letters, and Correspondence, as well as invited Editorial Reviews, Opinion Pieces, Viewpoints, Editorial Comments, and Fast Track articles. Fast Track is designed for publication, in the fastest time possible, of original short papers that contain important and time-sensitive information.

All manuscript submissions to the regular issues and supplements of the Journal are peer-reviewed. Submitted articles have a preliminary evaluation by the editors, and those considered for publication undergo further assessment by the editors and selected reviewers. The Journal uses a single-blind process for peer-review. Papers may be subject to a statistical analysis. Short comments can be considered as Correspondence: case reports are not encouraged.

Articles older than 12 months, back to 1997, are freely accessible on this website. We understand the importance of a journal as a source of valuable information, and have allowed access to all the fields of research published in AIDS over this time period. This extends access options made through HINARI that provides at greatly reduced cost on-line subscriptions to institutions within countries whose resources would otherwise prevent them from subscribing and accessing journal content.

Publication & Editorial Staff Contacts

Senior ​Publisher
Phil Daly
[email protected]

Production Editor
Patrick Satrjeenpong
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Robert O'Malley
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Reprints and Special Projects (U.S./Canada)
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Reprints and Special Projects (non-U.S./Canada)
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Phil Daly, Publisher
Phone: +44 203 197 6676
E-mail: [email protected]

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JA Levy
Division of Hemarology/Oncology
UCSF, Department of Medicine
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Editorial Coordinator 
Lucy Franks
[email protected]
Phone: +44 (0)203 197 6672

Managing Editor
​Sarah Booth