Development of HIV-1 group-specific neutralizing antibodies after seroconversion : AIDS

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Development of HIV-1 group-specific neutralizing antibodies after seroconversion

Mcknight, Aine; Clapham, Paul R.; Goudsmit, Jaap*; Cheingsong-Popov, Rachanee; Weber, Jonathan N.; Weiss, Robin A.

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To study the induction of group-specific (gs) neutralizing antibodies to HIV-1 after seroconversion.

Design and methods. 

Serum samples taken sequentially from seven Dutch homosexual men and four British haemophiliacs (anonymous sample, therefore sex not known) before and after seroconversion were tested for neutralizing antibodies effective against five diverse HIV-1 strains. Strains of HIV-1 tested included isolates from the United States, Europe and Africa.


The gs neutralizing antibody response varied between individuals. Only five of the 11 individuals studied produced detectable neutralizing antibodies to laboratory-adapted HIV-1 strains (for example, 111B) within 32 weeks of seroconversion. Most individuals initially produced antibodies effective against US/European isolates; the response then generally broadened to include the more diverse strains, i.e., African.


These results suggest that the gs neutralizing target for HIV-1 is poorly immunogenic in vivo and is probably not highly conserved among diverse HIV-1 strains.

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