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June 1, 2022 - Volume 36 - Issue 7

  • JA Levy

    Roel A. Coutinho
    Sarah L. Rowland-Jones
    Michael S. Saag
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​​​New Special Issue

AIDS V35 Suppl 2 S127 image.jpg

We are pleased to announce the supplement publication  "Antiretroviral treatment optimization – 2021 and beyond"a collection of articles in a special issue of the journal, AIDS.

What have we learned from antiretroviral treatment optimization efforts over the last 5 years? A reflection on progress made in guiding regimen changes to public health programmes, and the challenges facing selection of newer agents.

Supplement Editors: Francois W.D. Venter and Andrew Hill

Figure: Younger age and unemployment predicted poorer adherence in ADVANCE. McCluskey et al. AIDS 35(Suppl. 2):S127-S135.

Current Issue Highlights

Plasma d-amino acids are associated with markers of immune activation and organ dysfunction in people with HIV

Yap, Siew Hwei; Lee, Cheng Siang; Furusho, Aogu; More

AIDS. 36(7):911-921, June 1, 2022.


Persistent HIV transcription and variable antiretroviral drug penetration in lymph nodes during plasma viral suppression

Fletcher, Courtney V.; Kroon, Eugène; Schacker, Timothy; More

AIDS. 36(7):985-990, June 1, 2022.

Differential patterns of postmigration HIV-1 infection acquisition among Portuguese immigrants of different geographical origins

Pimentel, Victor Figueiredo; Pingarilho, Marta; Sole, Giordano; More

AIDS. 36(7):997-1005, June 1, 2022.