April 24th, 2006 - Volume 20 - Issue 7
pp: 959-1094

Complete removal of HIV-1 RNA and proviral DNA from semen by the swim-up method: assisted reproduction technique using spermatozoa free from HIV-1

Kato, Shingo; Hanabusa, Hideji; Kaneko, Satoru; More

AIDS. 20(7):967-973, April 24th, 2006.

Concise Communication

A killer mimotope with therapeutic activity against AIDS-related opportunistic micro-organisms inhibits ex-vivo HIV-1 replication

Casoli, Claudio; Pilotti, Elisabetta; Perno, Carlo Federico; More

AIDS. 20(7):975-980, April 24th, 2006.

Effect of pravastatin on body composition and markers of cardiovascular disease in HIV-infected men—a randomized, placebo-controlled study

Mallon, Patrick WG; Miller, John; Kovacic, Jason C; More

AIDS. 20(7):1003-1010, April 24th, 2006.

Concise Communication

Herpes simplex virus infection in women in the WIHS: Epidemiology and effect of antiretroviral therapy on clinical manifestations

Ameli, Niloufar; Bacchetti, Peter; Morrow, Rhoda Ashley; More

AIDS. 20(7):1051-1058, April 24th, 2006.

Editorial Comments

The genotypic inhibitory quotient and the (cumulative) number of mutations predict the response to lopinavir therapy

Hoefnagel, Jolanda GM; van der Lee, Manon J; Koopmans, Peter P; More

AIDS. 20(7):1069-1071, April 24th, 2006.

No association between GB virus C infection and disease progression in HIV-2-infected patients from the French ANRS HIV-2 cohort

Descamps, Diane; Damond, Florence; Bénard, Antoine; More

AIDS. 20(7):1076-1079, April 24th, 2006.

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