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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Olympic Fever

The World is, for the most part, currently enthralled with the Winter Olympic Games in Korea. The quadrennial cycles of the Summer and Winter Olympiads are staggered so that we may enjoy the fervor biennially. How thrilling it would be to be part of the medical contingents and volunteers contributing to the health arrangements for the athletes, audiences, and workers.

I have long admired and envied those health workers who are so able to arrange their lives and career obligations to go on humanitarian missions, disaster medical responses, or medical support for mass events. It is their gift to the world and its needy. To not merely use their skills as their livelihood, as we all must, but for the sake of ideals, to give practical compassion when and where needed without personal gain. This noble zest gives luster to our professions and embodies a "do as I do" example for the world while providing care that might not otherwise be there.

In the Olympic Games, one has elements of expedition medicine, environmental  risks, trauma and orthopaedics, sports medicine and exercise physiology, public health, hygiene and sanitation, travel medicine, circadian rhythm changes, venereology, and all the sub-specialties to which the divers attendees bring as their needs. The many athletes are in their prime, and often well-acquainted with strain, injury, acute care, and rehabilitation. Translators are available for this polyglottal population.

So, I offer applause and best wishes to those who represent us in meeting the health challenges of such a large enterprise honoring sport and peace.  "Citius, Altius, Fortius"


Tom Trimble, RN

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