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  • Updated:   7/25/2023
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How do the AENJ Editors stand on current issues? Here is the complete collection of Editorial Opinions.

Scope of Practice for Emergency Nurse Practitioners

Campo, Theresa M.; Carman, Margaret J.; Evans, Dian; More

Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal. 38(4):252-254, October/December 2016.

ENP-BC is Here!

Hoyt, K. Sue; Ramirez, Elda G.; Proehl, Jean A.

Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal. 35(4):279-282, October/December 2013.

Emergency Nursing Attention Deficit Disorder and Nurses' Satisfaction

Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal. 35(3):183-184, July/September 2013.

The Editors opine that boarding of inpatients in the ED impacts not only their own care and that of others, but how emergency nurses think, work, and derive work satisfaction. This impacts career longevity. Costs are driven up. There has been worsening, not improvement in the factors of boarding over a decade.

Achieving Prescriptive Authority for Clinical Nurse Specialists

Ray, Melinda Mercer

Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal. 35(1):1-2, January/March 2013.

The Editors reprint, by permission, from the September 23, 2012, Clinical Nurse Specialist Blog by Melinda Mercer Ray, MSN RN, on the development and achievement of prescriptive authority. She is Executive Director of the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists.

What's in a Name?

Proehl, Jean A.; Hoyt, K. Sue

Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal. 34(3):195-196, July/September 2012.

Examining and expanding upon correct use of clear language describing our work.

Touch Wood

Proehl, Jean A.; Hoyt, K. Sue

Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal. 33(3):197-198, July/September 2011.

The Future of Nursing

Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal. 33(1):1-3, January/March 2011.

Our Editors discuss and support the proposals in "The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health" from the Institute of Medicine and the the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee on the Initiative on the Future of Nursing.


Hoyt, K. Sue; Proehl, Jean A.

Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal. 30(4):287-288, October-December 2008.