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An Analysis and Evaluation of the Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms

Lee, Seung Eun; Vincent, Catherine; Finnegan, Lorna

Advances in Nursing Science. 40(1):E16-E39, January/March 2017.

Embedding a Palliative Approach in Nursing Care Delivery: An Integrated Knowledge Synthesis

Sawatzky, Richard; Porterfield, Pat; Roberts, Della; More

Advances in Nursing Science. 40(3):263-279, July/September 2017.

The Developmental/Health Framework Within the McGill Model of Nursing: “Laws of Nature” Guiding Whole Person Care

Gottlieb, Laurie N.; Gottlieb, Bruce

Advances in Nursing Science. 30(1):E43-E57, January-March 2007.

The Evolution of Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom in Nursing Informatics

Ronquillo, Charlene; Currie, Leanne M.; Rodney, Paddy

Advances in Nursing Science. 39(1):E1-E18, January/March 2016.

The Focus of the Discipline Revisited

Newman, Margaret A.; Smith, Marlaine C.; Pharris, Margaret Dexheimer; More

Advances in Nursing Science. 31(1):E16-E27, January-March 2008.

The Power of Wholeness, Consciousness, and Caring A Dialogue on Nursing Science, Art, and Healing

Cowling, W. Richard III; Smith, Marlaine C.; Watson, Jean

Advances in Nursing Science. 31(1):E41-E51, January-March 2008.

Expert Performance in Nursing: Reviewing Research on Expertise in Nursing Within the Framework of the Expert-Performance Approach

Ericsson, K. Anders; Whyte, James IV; Ward, Paul

Advances in Nursing Science. 30(1):E58-E71, January-March 2007.

Workplace Bullying Experienced by Massachusetts Registered Nurses and the Relationship to Intention to Leave the Organization

Simons, Shellie

Advances in Nursing Science. 31(2):E48-E59, April-June 2008.

Toward a Holistic Conceptualization of Empathy for Nursing Practice

Wiseman, Theresa

Advances in Nursing Science. 30(3):E61-E72, July-September 2007.

Bringing Safety and Responsiveness Into the Forefront of Care for Pregnant and Parenting Aboriginal People

Smith, Dawn; Edwards, Nancy; Varcoe, Colleen; More

Advances in Nursing Science. 29(2):E27-E44, April-June 2006.

Understanding Inequalities in Access to Health Care Services for Aboriginal People: A Call for Nursing Action

Cameron, Brenda L.; Carmargo Plazas, Maria del Pilar; Salas, Anna Santos; More

Advances in Nursing Science. 37(3):E1-E16, July/September 2014.

Advancing Nursing Research in the Visual Era: Reenvisioning the Photovoice Process Across Phenomenological, Grounded Theory, and Critical Theory Methodologies

Evans-Agnew, Robin A.; Boutain, Doris M.; Rosemberg, Marie-Anne S.

Advances in Nursing Science. 40(1):E1-E15, January/March 2017.

Attitudes Toward Oral Contraceptive Use Among Women of Reproductive Age: A Systematic Review

Lee, Jongwon; Jezewski, Mary Ann

Advances in Nursing Science. 30(1):E85-E103, January-March 2007.